Research interests

  • Air Pollution
  • Atmospheric Particulate Matter
  • Health effects of air pollution
  • Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Environmental Education

Current Research Projects

Current research projects are focussed on:

  • Mobile monitoring technique to measure air and noise pollution around Philadelphia
  • Using geographical information system (GIS) to analyze air pollution data
    • Exploring the effects of land use and land cover on air and noise pollution around Philadelphia
    • Exploring the association of air pollution and environmental noise exposure with socioeconomic and health variables
  • Measuring air pollution on different microenvironments using portable air pollution instruments
  • Indoor exposure of air pollution among school children in Philadelphia

Please refer to research page for more information on research projects and available instrumentation.

My past research projects have been focussed on chemical characterization of ambient atmospheric aerosols from multiple locations (e.g. Kathmandu, Texas, Alaska, and New Hampshire) by using various analytical techniques: spectroscopy (e.g. XRF spectroscopy) and chromatography (e.g. ion chromatography) and other techniques (e.g. Sunset EC/OC analyzer). I have also completed works on measuring the exposure of air pollution among traffic police in Kathmandu, Nepal and assessing their health effects. My previous work also included chamber experiments to measure the formation of secondary organic aerosol and to analyze large datasets from US EPA's air quality monitoring stations.


Looking for M.S. students

I am looking for M.S. students in environmental science program at our department. Please send me an email ( with your research interests and your resume. Please visit the departmental website for further details on graduate program. Graduate fellowships are available from the University and Teaching Assistantships are available from the department. You need to apply before the deadline (February 1, 2021) to be eligible for the department's teaching assistantships.

Graduate fellowships are also available through the National Science Foundation and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Undergraduate students

If you are interested to work in my research lab, please email me (